Gosie Vervloessem
© Jef Boes

Gosie Vervloessem

1973 BE

Gosie Vervloessem lives and works in Brussels. She studied Pedagogical Sciences at  KULeuven and was later awarded a master’s degree in Audiovisual Arts by the LUCA School of Arts Brussels. Since 2013 she has been following the Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies course at a.pass.

Gosie Vervloessem’s artistic research focuses on the position of the researcher in times of multiple crises. Her work faces the challenges that arise within this role, and looks for new ways of producing knowledge. Her practice is an ongoing quest on finding  tools to relate to a world that is messy and chaotic. Therefore she juggles with and re-interprets the practices of cooking, digesting, co-digesting, immersion or osmosis, as tools to literally embody that relation. 

[Immersion or osmosis in comparison with digestion covers more holes than the mouth and anus and therefore it seems a richer concept.]

In scrutinizing this relationship she focuses mainly on the concept of nature and tries to unravel the ideas that underpin this concept. In doing that, she identifies herself as a Sick Detective, a character that involves the vegetal kingdom as a possible ally in her research. Her work is highly inspired by plant biology, comic books, horror movies. It is mainly presented as lecture-performance, in the form of workshops or publications.

Gosie works together with:

  • Scientists: Francois-Joseph Lapointe (Dr. Biology UDMontreal), Denis Diangré (Botanical Garden Meise), Michael Doser (CERN), Ben Craps (Department Fyscia VUB), Franziska Witchi (Biologist working group invasive species, Zurich), Roland Fisher (science journalist), a.o.
  • Artists: Tinna Ottesen, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Einat Tuchman, Naomi Kerkhove, Frances Mckenzie, Leo Kay, a.o.
  • Gosie is artist in resident at wpZimmer. Her work is supported and presented at home and abroad by workspace brussels, ccStrombeek, Beursschouwburg, Recyclart, Belluard Festival (Fribourg), De Lustwarande (Tilburg), Phenomena Festival Montreal, Arc (Romainmôtier), Indisciplinarte (Terni), Local (Reykjavik).

You can download Gosie Vervloessem’s portfolio below: