Big Fat Failed Beginnings (2013)

Our entire universe is the result of a massive explosion. And 15 billion years later this Big Bang still echoes, literally, in the form of ‘Cosmic Background Radiation’. Just like songs make us wonder about times passed, this echo leaves us nostalgic and longing for that raw and pure energy, that ultimate disaster that generated all forms of life. To ease this nostalgia we try to relive this danger, but the kicks of benji jumping, mountain climbing or racing just leave us unfulfilled.

With Big Fat Failed Beginnings Gosie Vervloessem, Naomi Kerkhove and Wendy Van Wynsberghe trace the roots of this nostalgia. In their experimental workshop they try to answer the question how we can satisfy this cosmical desire while in the meantime our daily duties await. With everyday material they cook, blend, mix, scrape and squeeze tsunami’s, volcano eruptions and earth quakes together. In short, all the natural violence you can dream of, on demand! Also questions of safety advice and trauma therapy are addressed. Because: how do we escape the disasters we create?

Big Fat Failed Beginnings has been presented by Belluard Festival (Fribourg, 2013), Vooruit (Ghent, 2013), De Pianofabriek (Brussels, 2013), StormOpKomst / De Warande (Turnhout, 2014), Vrijstaat-O. (Ostend, 2015) and DE Studio (Antwerp, 2015).


Installation / performance / workshop
Language: English or Dutch