Detective Agency of Monsters
© Gosie Vervloessem


Detective Agency of Monsters (2020)

Detective Agency of Monsters is a detective agency that investigates how the horror genre, the monsters that inevitably belong to this genre and the character of the sick detective could help us to understand a world that becomes more and more unthinkable. 

We need monsters to think monsters ! The subject of investigation focuses on the ‘antropocene’, it’s assemblage of monsters and how it moves through our cities, crawls through our daily lives and invades our bodies? The Detective Agency of Monsters studies the filthy intimacy between ourselves as permeable beings, enmeshed in a political and material world and our surroundings. The detective studies the monsters within and outside. She studies the being flooded by, the taking part in, the surrendering to, the being … the monster. 

Detective Agency of Monsters is an open studio.

© Gosie Vervloessem