The Horror Garden for Kids
Gosie Vervloessem


The Horror Garden for Kids (2021)

THE HORROR GARDEN — for kids that get bored in Biology class

When I look at a plant, I see its sap streaming, I feel the photosynthesis.
The secret life of plants makes me long. I want to be a plant, but at the same time it scares me to become something that is so different. I want to invite you for this mysterious journey, deep inside of the plant and deep inside of ourselves. How can we become plant-human monsters? Did you know that looong looong time ago we, plants and humans and animals, were all one big happy family?

How do I book a place?

The workshop is free and will take place at OUT OF SIGHT on Saturday, June 19th between 15h and 17h. There is room for 15 kids to take part in the workshop, and they have to be between 7 and 11 years old.

To subscribe, please send your e-mail to, include your name, your kid’s name and contact information.

Dokter van de Perrelei 51
2140 Antwerp, BE


Duration: 120 min.
Language: Dutch
Age: 7-11
Audience: 15