Recipes for Disaster – The Marketstand
© Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker


Recipes for Disaster – The Marketstand (2012)

‘Recipes for Disaster – The Marketstand’ is a mobile marketstand in which Domestic Science Club presents different experiments, results of former research, perfomances, workshops, in an attempt to create, in a dialogue with the visitor, a sublime landscape. The question underlying this marketstand/performance is how the Sublime can be created by kitchen-ingrediënts. Of course , the re-creating of sublime natural phenomena is a rather romantic/nostalgic act. But how does this process relates to working with house garden and kitchen experiments wherein failure is a defining element, errors are being exposed on a fundamental?

Gosie, as a standholder, invites the public to share kitchenknowledge and other stories, related to her own research. By involving the public, the stand grows and re-shapes itself continuously. The recipes can be taken home. They are an invitation to the public to experiment in their own household. ‘Recipes for Disaster – The Marketstand’ translated itself to a lecture/workshop for kids/ an open crafts studio/…

Past Dates

June 2016

#10 jaar Lasso ()

June 2015

Supervlieg (Brussel)


Installation / performance
Language: English or Dutch