Recipes for Disaster – The Magazine and Tupperware Party (2015)

The project Recipes for Disaster: The Magazine & Tupperware Party cooks up some crucial questions about classification and control: How do we cope with chaos in our daily lives? How to free ourselves from the quarantine of our own bathroom? How to argue for a messy and less sterile life in times of Ebola?

The Recipes for Disaster Magazine, a collection of Vervloessem’s cooking recipes, will be launched during a Tupperware Party – women getting together around the kitchen table to attend demonstrations of shiny plastic boxes. While tasting, cooking and partying together, the idea that everything can be nicely stored and hygienically put away will be disrupted. In an open atelier on fermentation, bacteria and slow processes, you are invited to play around with invisible friends and foes.

Here you find the Magazine online


Installation / workshop / performance
Duration: 60 min.
Language: English