RESHAPE – How can we re-imagine the artworld?
RESHAPE – How can we re-imagine the artworld?

This is only one of the challenges that are at the core of the newly launched RESHAPE Workbook. This Workbook is the result of RESHAPE – Reflect, Share, Practice, Experiment, a research and development project that brought together artists, art professionals, and organisations from Europe and the southern Mediterranean to create new organisational models and alternative ways of working.

Artists and art workers with a track record of experimenting with alternative methods and models, came together to imagine concrete, realistic, and sustainable solutions to the major challenges facing the arts sector. Find out more about the reshaping process and working methods that led us to formulate ideas for and prototypes of alternative practices.

The tangible results of this process are presented in the form of Prototypes, proposals that reflect and provoke the transformation of the sector, towards more equitable and more sustainable methods and ways of working. These take various forms: a game, a collection of rituals, a house, a shapeshifting department, a multitude of questions, a call for action, and many others. All contribute to positive change in the arts and its relation to society.

RESHAPE encourages adopting, applying, and building on the prototypes in the everyday practices of artists, art workers, and organisations in Europe and the southern Mediterranean – indeed, all over the world, to contribute to fundamental change in the arts and society.

We invite you to explore the material that has been published on and start your own path of reshaping the arts. 

For What it is Worth (working title)
For What it is Worth (working title)
A Symposium on production models within multidisciplinary artistic practice by arp vzw in collaboration with Vincent Focquet

Experimental, multidisciplinary, artistic practice requires production forms that are equally agile and experimental.
But how can these be reconciled within the straitjacket of a tightly organized sector where, due to a chronic lack of resources, supreme efficiency is a key word? What does this mean for the people who take on the mediating and facilitating role of producer? For artists and craftsmen who squirm into all kinds of bends to make the gap between the necessary space for artistic development and the reality of figures?

But also: what does this work mean within the canon of classical ‘management models’? And is the knowledge and expertise we are building here perhaps worth more than we think in a world in transition?
On this day we look very specifically at the working conditions of the (flex) workers behind the scenes, especially the producers, dramaturges etc. How can we make the crucial position of creative producers more visible and more sustainable? Can we support each other (even) better? Tools, expertise and good practices that we can share? And shouldn’t we set up a clear narrative towards policy makers?

The symposium will take place at wpZimmer on March 19th from 10h til 18h.

(illustration by:  Borislava Willnevermadeit)

WET KITCHEN – A collaborative research project
WET KITCHEN – A collaborative research project

[Wet kitchenan unhygienic space to boost our collective immunity, a space to experience artistic energy and experiment togetherness. A place to exercise critical thinking and resilience.]

In the context of wpZimmer, The Wet Kitchen project stands for collective research – with the trajectory artists, the curatorial team and the wpZimmer team itself.

Research on how to create new possibilities to support artists and how to create a visibility for artistic work during these challenging times, but also to find the way to reconnect physically and share processes, struggles, drives that we all have, how to overcome isolation and think ahead of time, or with the time we live in – instead of moving against it.

As a result of these collaborative research moments, there will be two moments of presentation.

29/05 – Presentation 1: Gosie Vervloessem and Maria Lucia Cruz Correia (The Detective Agency of Monsters)

30/05Presentation 2: Dan Mussett, Francesca Chiodi Latini, Katrien Oosterlinck and Fabrice Samyn

More information coming soon!

New Collective Residency: Rooted Hauntology
FoAM – Zenne
New Collective Residency: Rooted Hauntology

Starting this week, the collective residency: Rooted Hauntology has begun! Ingrid Vranken is joined by Mihaela Brebenel, Nahuel Cano, Mayfield Brooks, Rodrigo Batista, Mathieu Charles, Gosie Vervloessem and Rasa Alksnyte to explore the haunted world.

Due to the recent Covid19 regulations, the residency has to take a different form – but the participants succeeded in finding a new way to be connected while developing ROOTED HAUNTOLOGY collectively.



GBS De Toren (Beveren)
wpZimmer (Bar version!) (Antwerp)


Kunstencentrum Vooruit (Ghent)
CC Hasselt (Hasselt)
PILAR (Brussel)
CC Berchem (Antwerpen)


De Grote Post i.s.m. VOLTA - DATES TO BE CONFIRMED (Oostende)
Oerol Festival (Terschelling)


Far° Festival des Arts Vivants (Nyon )


Arenberg (Antwerpen)


CC Dilbeek (Dilbeek)