Cecilia Lisa Eliceche
© Herman Sorgeloos

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche

1986 AR

As a dancer and choreographer, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche is fascinated by the endless potential of the body and movement. She conceives dance as a site to experiment and rethink notions such as ‘democracy’, ‘community’ and ‘the political’. With a cannibalistic and erotic approach, she creates rigorous compositions in tight relation to the history, codes, and traditional heritage of the dance medium.

I self-identify as a feminist, queer, postcolonial subject, drawing inspiration from seemingly disparate sources, such as Steve Paxton, the cumbia of Pablo Lescano, Trisha Brown, Merce Cunningham, tango, George Balanchine, South American folklore, Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker, tropical music, nature, my fantasies of Lygia Clark and the Tropicalia movement, Native American craft, romantic ballets, social dances, Basque witches… My choreographies can
be read as persona l, bastardized, ‘creole’ mixes of all these sources.


Cecilia graduated at P.A.R.T.S. in 2010 and at DAS Choreography, the Master’s Programme of the Amsterdam University of the Arts, in 2017. In 2011 she created Cow’s Theory, a dance production for three female performers following one principle, that of always maintaining contact with each other. It was followed in 2014 by the quartet Unison which takes the classic dance format of ‘unison’ as a starting point to re-think ‘togetherness’ and ‘the political’ from a personal, feminist perspective. As an alternative to the standard creation process Cecilia has developed an ongoing series of Dance Concerts (2012-…) and Dance Offerings (2016-…), in which she explores choreographic, political, social and process-based themes in an evolving dynamic format. The Non-Massage Dance and Touching Sessions are another expression of her commitment to challenging typical modes of production, in search for new forms and collaborative constellations.

In addition to her work as choreographer, Cecilia is a freelance dancer and an assistant to ballet master Janet Panetta. She danced in work by (among others) Eleanor Bauer, Heather Kravas, Claire Croizé, Etienne Guilloteau and DD Dorvillier. She is an active member of State of the Arts.