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Unison (2014)

With Unison Cecilia Lisa Eliceche works with one of the most compelling concepts in choreography: the simultaneous execution of the same movement by several people. But what does the idea of unison actually suggest? What are the political and even feminist possibilities of this concept? Eliceche asks whether we can redefine the way we experience being together in society through this formal tool. With an enigmatic yet precise ritual, the piece conjures up dance histories and popular traditions, weaving minimalism with complex relationships, subtlety highlighting our physical experience of togetherness.

Unison is a salutary and gutsy reminder of just how intelligent dance can be.

Writing About Dance

What I find so affecting is the persistence of an irrepressible collective happiness in the sheer physical pleasure of dancing so beautifully together

Ramsay Burt

Past Dates

October 2016

May 2016

wpZimmer/Open House (Antwerpen)
Sadler's Wells (Londen)
Sadler's Wells (Londen)

April 2016

STUK (Leuven)
STUK (Leuven)

February 2016

Extra City Kunsthal (Antwerpen)

October 2015

Explore Dance Festival (Boekarest)
Explore Dance Festival (Boekarest)


Concept & direction: Cecilia Lisa ElicechePractical & conceptual mentorship: Manon SantkinAlternately performed by: Eveline Van Bauwel, Gilles Polet, Michael Helland, Tarek Halaby, Manon Santkin, Cecilia Lisa ElicecheMusic: Christophe AlbertijnTechnical creation: Johanes VochtenResearch & creation: Michael Helland, Gilles Polet, Eveline Van Bauwel, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Steven Michel, Boglarka Borcksoc, Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld, Guiomar Campos Acosta, Elisa YvelinProduction creation 2014: STUK (Leuven)Production re-run 2015: wpZimmer (Antwerp)Co-production: Workspacebrussels (Brussels), Vooruit (Ghent) with the support of Départs / European Commission (Culture Program) and DNA (Departures and Arrivals / co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union)Residency support: STUK (Leuven), Workspacebrussels (Brussels), Vooruit (Ghent), wpZimmer (Antwerp), La Casa enscendida (Madrid), TAKT Dommelhof (Neerpelt)


Dance performance
Duration: 55 min.
Technical Rider