Rooted Hauntology


Rooted Hauntology

We live in a haunted world. Our present is imbued with ghosts speaking from both past and future. They are a paradox, an absence, human and other-than-human, that is nevertheless eerily present and influential. They might point out that something is missing, something is wrong. Ghosts show us that time is not linear, but entangled, thick and layered.

Ghosts open up a potential for other stories of the now, the past and the future. They might provoke in us the desire and tools for living otherwise. Recognizing ourselves as haunted and haunting, makes our understanding of the present, and ourselves in it, permeable. By inhabiting this ghostliness we may recognize a different proximity to each other and what surrounds us.

Eight artists will gather spectraly, together with a ghostly partner, in order to explore how their artistic processes might make space for ghosts and work with or for them.

Gathered by: 

Ingrid Vranken / FoAM Zenne


Mihaela Brebenel, Nahuel Cano, Mayfield Brooks, Rodrigo Batista, Mathieu Charles, Gosie Vervloessem, Rasa Alksnyte and the ghosts of past selves, Weegbree, a nature reserve, ancestors, whales, gore capitalism, breath and socialism, amongst many others.

FoAM – Zenne

Ingrid Vranken who is part of FoAM, works as an independent dramaturg, curator and artist. Her curatorial and artistic practice focuses on enabling a systemic ecofeminist transition in the arts, through engaging with the knowledge and labor of other-than-human beings, and in particular plants. For this, she creates collaborative curatorial frameworks and speculative lecture performances under the umbrella of Rooted Hauntology Lab. Since the spring of 2020 she is part of the multi-voiced curatorial team of wpZimmer, a space for artistic development in Antwerp.