The Hollows II (2013)

In Robin Jonsson’s diptych The Hollows, the clear division between man and monster is being disturbed by the cult figure of the zombie. The Hollows I: Walk with Me takes the audience for a walk through a site specific environment, questioning the retorics and artifices of the classical zombie culture. With The Hollows II, Robin Jonsson prepares a choreographical deconstruction of the zombie figure in a hands-on performative workshop.

The zombie as a cultural creation is embedded in a network of very different meanings, fears and aspirations. The Hollows II detaches the zombie from its natural fictional context and situates it right in front of you. Through a strange mix of a zombie workshop for dummies and a live performance of classical film scenes, the performance questions our collective fears and identity. Balancing on the border of the (in)human, evoking as well repulsion as empathy, the performers mingle with the participants, infecting innocent bystanders. A deadly informative game!