The Hollows I: Walk with Me
© Joanna Nordahl


The Hollows I: Walk with Me (2012)

In 2012, Robin Jonsson started creating the diptych The Hollows. In these performances the subtle balance between man and monster is being disturbed by researching the cult figure of the zombie. The Hollows I: Walk with Me takes the audience for a walk through a site specific environment, questioning the retorics and artifices of the classical zombie culture. With The Hollows II: Silent Hill, Robin Jonsson made a choreographical deconstruction of the zombie figure in a hands-on performative workshop.

The Hollows I took place in December 2012 at Vooruit (Ghent), a characteristic building that resembles a lot to the typical mansions from the zombie movies. Small groups of visitors will be led by the performers through different parts of the building, discovering the cellars, secundary corridors, the attic. The scenario will be constructed with the typical elements of zombie fiction, generating a live experience that questions our viral fear. Simultaneously, the media of theatre and film are being confronted: in how far can a live experience of these typical horror elements compete with its cinematographic counterpart?

Past Dates

July 2013

Stamsund International Theatre Festival (Stamsund)
Stamsund International Theatre Festival (Stamsund)
Stamsund International Theatre Festival (Stamsund)
Stamsund International Theatre Festival (Stamsund)
Stamsund International Theatre Festival (Stamsund)

March 2013

Tweetakt (Utrecht)
Tweetakt (Utrecht)
Tweetakt (Utrecht)

December 2012

Vooruit (Gent)


Concept & choreograph: Robin JonnsonDance: Ludvig Daae, Lieve De Pourcq, Linnea MartinssonSound design: Peter LenaertsCostume design: Manuela LauwersLight design & technique: Arne LievensTechnical assistance: Pavel SmirnovProduction: wpZimmerCoproduction: Kunstencentrum Buda (Kortrijk), MDT (Stockholm)with the support of : Petra och Karl Erik Hedborgs Stiftelse, Swedish Arts Council / Statens Kulturråd