Shapeless (2011)

In Shapeless, Charlotte Vanden Eynde continues the movement research she initiated in I’m Sorry It’s (Not) A Story (2009). In latter, the focus was on meaning. Now she returns to form. Point of departure are the purely physical, formal an dynamic aspects of movement. The dynamic, something that was not very present in her earlier work, gets a lot of her attention. Also, she enters in a dialogue with the movement vocabulary that constituted her body as a dancer: until now something she tried to shake off or rather ignored. She feels out the limits of abstraction, without excluding emotion.

Music and (self-recorded) sound play an important role. Also the light gets more than a supportive function. Charlotte leaves the visuality and stillness a bit behind. The body remains her starting point, but she consciously looks for a kind of ‘shapelessness’, for the chaotic and intangible, for a ‘form that is no form’.

  • © Maya Wilsens
  • © Maya Wilsens
  • © Maya Wilsens
  • © Constance Neuenschwander


dance performance
Duration: 50 min.