MARS II, the vinyl
© Karl Van Welden


MARS II, the vinyl (2018)

MARS II, the vinyl contains the music composed for MARS II, the performance. In MARS II Karl Van Welden explores the impact of volcanic ash on the performance of pianist Frederik Croene and the sound he produces, playing on an automated piano. Mars II examines a moment of catastrophe and the pianist’s reactions to drastic changes in his environment. At the outset, volcanic ash particles fall gently and harmlessly. After a while, the amount of dark volcanic ash raining down on the musician and his instrument increases exponentially, slowly but surely transforming the sound and the image. An exploration of the contrasting effects between a moment of bliss, the strike of disaster, and its aftermath.
MARS II, the vinyl is an edition of 300 copies, numbered and signed. The first 10 are accompanied by The Volcano Prints, a limited, numbered and signed series of 3 prints.

On Friday, March 16th 2018 the LP with the music of MARS II, the performance’ has been released at Gouvernement in Ghent. Metaphon, the record label, mainly focuses on releasing archival and previously unreleased sound work by Belgian electronic music composers and remarkable sound artists. Metaphon endeavours to uncover these hidden treasures. For more info, click here.


Album concept: Karl Van WeldenComposition: Frederik Croene, Vincent Malstaf and Karl Van WeldenMusic performed by: Frederik Croene on an automated piano (1969, Kawai S-500 with QRS)Recorded and mastered by : Yannick SvetlozarPiano technician: Svetlo Siarov SvetlozarAlbum advice: Dirk Deblauwe and Timo van LuijkGraphic design: Dirk DeblauweDrawings, photography and diagrams : Karl Van WeldenFront cover: Christian HuygensText by: Bart Capelle, Frederik Croene, Carine Meulders, Marnix Rummens and Karl Van WeldenTranslations by: Jonathan Beaton and Bart CapelleProduced by: Metaphon and wpZimmerCo-produced by: C-TAKTWith the support of: Wilden WestenThanks to: Hugo Bergs, Stefan Beyst, Veroniek Claeys, Peter De Goy, Maarten De Vrieze, Joost Fonteyne, Greg Jacobs, Patrick Sterckx, Philine Vanrafelghem and the Royal Observatory of Belgium


Language: English