GNAB◊RRETN¡ (2021)

Alan Van Rompuy (azertyklavierwerke, vieze meisje) and Dounia Mahammed want to create an eventful-music-and-text work that hovers somewhere between a concert and a performance. In 2017 they worked together for the first time on the performance w a t e r w a s s e r.

GNAB◊RRETN¡ is an experiment in communication. A concert about finding and losing that you remember, but that never happened. Two displaced creatures who are constantly picking themselves/everything together. A warm science fiction in search of connection in alienation.Alan Van Rompuy and Dounia Mahammed, researched noise pollution (for both humans and animals), patterns, selective deafness, habituation and noise in relation to silence: something that ceases to exist, the (after-) reverberation, echo, re-memory of something that is past, making it more palpable or audible than when it existed.

Each with their own background, they want music, text and movement to flow into each other, to be a consequence of each other, to place them in a different context: movement brings sound, repetition becomes rhythm, word is sound, sound becomes feeling(d).

In a playful (de)construction of different languages, they look for meaning and nonsense, for abstraction and language fluctuating between the intelligible and the only tangible.

This project used to be called GALM (working title)


Language: ENG,FR,NL