New in Residency: Sophie Guisset and Eli Steffen


New in Residency: Sophie Guisset and Eli Steffen

Eli Steffen and Sophie Guisset as joined by her team Enis Turan and Cee Füllemann are both new in residency at wpZimmer for two weeks. Both Sophie and Elioa are focusing on developing new work: Sophie Guisset with Vanilla and Elioa Steffen with Psalm for the Monstrous.

Psalm for the Monstrous is a grief ritual, a rage fest and an ode to the monster within. Elioa’s new artistic research explores queer monstrosity, female rage, and the ecstatic through a drag deconstruction of the Medusa myth. Discover more about the work here.

With Vanilla, Sophie, Enis and Cee look into the possibilities of sexual pleasure and questions normativity in sexual practices and how norms permeate the language around it. Vanilla will be seen for the first time in Antwerp during Beyond the Black Box – read more about the work here!