Psalm for the Monstrous
From 'WAR Belly' © Alex Lenzi


Psalm for the Monstrous

Psalm for the Monstrous is a grief ritual, a rage fest, and an ode to the monster within. Deconstructing the Medusa myth, Psalm for the Monstrous explores how narratives of power, victimhood, and violence relate to being a woman. Working in collaboration with Maria Mavridou, we will construct a ritual using the drag character Victory Medusa. I’m not sure if it will end up being a healing ritual, a grieving ritual, or a rage-filled summoning circle, or something in between. Can we ever heal Medusa the abuse she suffered? What happens when we invite Medusa to haunt a performance? What would it mean to just sit with her in all her pain AND possibility? I am interested in exploring the potential for invitation and haunting in the gendered physicalities of action movies by creating dance scores from them. This piece will investigate female grief, rage, and the monstrous within us all.

Elioa Steffen

Elioa Steffen (She/her) is an artist working in the fields of performance, facilitation, and curation. Her work focuses on the intersection of communal narratives, cultural norms, and systemic violence. With over 10 years of experience as a facilitator, Elioa crafts encounters that investigate the relationships between personal needs and communal truths. Heavily influenced by queer art lineages, Elioa’s work melds critical theory, camp, and drag in participatory performances that question audiences’ relationships to each other, power, and the state.