Vanilla (2022)

Vanilla is a research by Sophie Guisset that looks into the possibilities of sexual pleasure and questions normativity in sexual practices and how norms permeate the language around it. Trough the intimate and vulnerable sharing of personal and imaginary stories of sexual encounters that could be perceived as ‘extreme’, or at least not normative, I want to highlight the attention, respect and playfulness they imply.

Another kind of pleasure that Sophie wants to research is pleasure from food, more specifically the sensorial experience of making and eating it. During the process, they will question how the recipe of a béarnaise sauce and the attention it requires can teach us something about sex and respect.

As the process is built on intimate sharing, Sophie collaborates with three other artists that share an openness, sensitivity and respect for different ways of considering sexuality. Berlin based queer performer Enis Turan and Sophie Guisset collaborate on the performance, storytelling and choreography, visual artist Cee Füllemann will build the playground and choreographer Lisa Vereertbrugghen will collaborate on the dramaturgy and text.


Language: English
Age: 18+