About Learnscape

Moving through our current society, we embrace and take on a learning position that we frame as our “Learnscape”: a landscape of learning. It is a landscape where information and collaboration – both between artists, artists workers as well as the neighbourhoods and communities we are part of – are interwoven. By enabling a space for visibility, dialogue and the sharing of knowledge among peers and professionals, multiple perspectives can fuse and play, helping us better understand the art field of tomorrow, its needs and its artists.
  • Are you staring at the format, wondering how to fill in that complicated Excel? Would you like to exchange ideas with fellow artists ? Or do you mainly need a concentrated coworking vibe? read more
  • Think job interview, but in reverse. Art organizations will take turns in unraveling more openly the programs and ways in which they try to support the artist’s practice. After a brief presentation, they would like to invite all artists to take part in an open and informal discussion on how a more open and close relationship between organizations and artists can better the art scene in Antwerp.  read more
  • From June 1st until 16th we welcome Pankaj Tiwari and TENT to the neighborhood around wpZimmer. For a little over two weeks, the artist-curator invites artists, academics, curators and people from the neighborhood to join him in the temporary mobile space that is TENT. read more
  • Within TOPOI (Ancient Greek for 'common place'), we make a collective space for radical imagination and pragmatic utopias. We want to expand the field of action of the arts, expand its means and possibilities, and find ways to engage together around the social and societal issues of our time. In these collective residencies we zoom in on a theme, but also explore what a collective practice can be. With TOPOI 2022, we are developing a shared artistic learning pathway that is outside of formal educational and pedagogical contexts. read more