TOPOS 3 introduces: The Evening School of Gentle Disarming

In 2021, wpZimmer introduced TOPOI as a way to mold a collective space for radical imagination and pragmatic utopias while engaging collectively around the social and societal issues of our time. Within each Topos, we host a themed collective residency of three weeks which is designed for peer-to-peer learning. This month, we introduce TOPOS 3: The Evening School of Gentle Disarming, inviting Ahilan Ratnamohan, Zorka Wollny, The Agency of Singular Investigations, bodies of knowledge (BOK), Siniša Ilić,Sirah Foighel Brutmann, Eitan Efrat, Danae Theodoridou, Luc Debouvry, Guilel Treiber and Inge Vyt to create a public and closed program.

Within the Evening Schools of Gentle Disarming, the invited artists will each use their own tools to reflect on the history of social movements, weaving stories and dreams of solidarity into their collective practice. Inspired by the various historical movements of the ‘people’s schools’, as a tool for education and emancipation, we are organizing as an informal Evening School in which knowledge is exchanged and reversed mentoring is used as a methodology.

wpZimmer invites you to be part of and mold the TOPOS 3 journey. For more information on both the closed and public program, head to the Open Call Form.

About Topos

With each TOPOS, wpZimmer invites one practictioner to curate and lead a collective residency involving a programme which is open to a public audience. Topos allows time for concentration and individual work, then to be juxtaposed with collective time for sharing knowledge and collaboration (workshops, lectures, readings, collective productions, feedback sessions, performances…).

Past Dates

June 2022


August 2023

CC Belgia (Antwerpen)