Welcoming TENT to the neighborhood

Welcoming TENT to the neighborhood

curated by Pankaj Tiwari

From June 1st until 16th we welcome Pankaj Tiwari and TENT to the neighborhood around wpZimmer. For a little over two weeks, the artist-curator invites artists, academics, curators and people from the neighborhood to join him in the temporary mobile space that is TENT. The project promotes mutual learning and collective imagination through the act of conversing, thinking together and sharing meals.

TENT uses interactive formats such as talks, residencies, dinners, and temporal togetherness at one institution for specific durations to engage with its politics and practice. It is a space for imagining, thinking, listening, and also responding to social injustices.


Every evening from June 1st until 16th, you can be part of a communal dinner in the tent from 19h00 until 21h30. On Friday, June 16th, following the same time-schedule, wpZimmer and TENT invite you to a dinner and studio sharing. Register for free by using the button below!

About Working Together

WORKING TOGETHER opens a space that encourages ways in which we can learn from each in addressing artistic-productional matters, which include any choices made withan an artistic process as well as productional- and business related decisions. In creating this space, we align ourselves with the rhythm of the art season and the input of residents and trajectory artists.

Past Dates

August 2023

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