Rósa Ómarsdóttir

Rósa Ómarsdóttir

Rósa Ómarsdóttir is an award winning Icelandic dancer and choreographer. She studied at the Icelandic University of the Arts as well as P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels.

Rósa’s artistic practice explores human and non-human encounters, in search for non-anthropocentric narratives. This ongoing research aims at finding a rich ecosystem that combines humans, objects and invisible forces, exploring and expounding on the power dynamics that reveal themselves in these encounters. 

Her work, interdisciplinary by nature, weaves together interests in choreography, live sound-production, a feminist approach to dramaturgy incorporating vulnerability and flux, as well as a decentralization of the dominant masculine tendencies in contemporary performance.

Rósa has made several works in collaboration with Inga Huld Hákonardóttir:  Wilhelm Scream (2014), The Valley (2015), and Da Da Dans (2016). Her solo work includes: Traces (2017) Spills (2019) and Collaborative Contaminations (2021). Her work has been presented internationally at festivals and venues such as, Kunstencentrum Buda, Beursschouwburg, Brakke Grond, Rosendal Theater, MDT Stockholm, Julidans, and Reykjavík Dance Festival to name just a few. Her work has received numerous nominations for the Icelandic Theater Awards and received three awards for Choreography of the Year and Best Soundscape.

Along with her choreographic practice Rósa has been leading the research project Secondhand Knowledge since 2016. Through this project she focuses on peripheral dance communities, their relation to dance history and the notion of secondhand knowledge. The project is consolidated through series of workshops and interviews and presented locally.

This project has travelled to Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Tehran and Cairo. This project is still ongoing and a podcast series about is is on the horizon.