©Hákon Pálsson



Contamination as collaboration. Shifting assemblages of humans and non-humans: the very stuff of collaborative survival” 

-Anna Tsing, Mushroom at the end of the world 

What emerges from the ruins when the climate threat has destroyed life on earth as we know it?

MOLTA is a durational performance installation where five human performers, objects and sounds entangle and form a vibrant ecosystem which the audience becomes immersed into. 

The space becomes an emergent landscape, slowly transforming throughout the duration of five hours. It is a landscape which you can step into and out of whenever you want. You can look, watch, dream, sleep, dwell in, or simply feel yourself as a part of this emerging landscape.

The space is it own ecosystem. The atmosphere is post apocalyptic, ice blocks are scattered around the space, the roof is leaking, humans, animals and nature have become entangled in the ruins. But what can arise from the wreckage? How can we find collaboration inside this contamination? 

In the debris a compost starts to form, a fertile ground for something new. A compost where humans, creatures, nature and machines combine, mix and mingle, and the boundaries between them are blurred. 

In MOLTA we stay with the trouble together and see what springs up from the compost.