Mbunga Kongi

Mbunga Kongi


After a fulfilling childhood in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mbunga Kongi decided to break new ground by leaving Kinshasa at the age of eight to pursue her studies in Paris, France. This change marked the start of a singular and exciting career.

As a teenager, her adventurous spirit led her to run away to Brussels at the age of sixteen, where she began an artistic training course at Saint Marie. During this period, Milka immersed herself in the world of art while gaining experience in the catering trade. This mix of artistic exploration and resourcefulness forged the foundations of her dynamic character.

It was in the lights of the Brussels night that Milka took her first steps as a DJ, marking the start of her artistic career. Through her performances, she has left her unique mark on the local music scene, captivating crowds with her eclectic musical selection and infectious energy.

However, Milka does not limit herself to the art of sound. She quickly established herself as a committed activist, campaigning strongly against racist, sexist and homophobic discrimination. Her commitment stems from her life experience and her unshakeable desire to contribute to a more egalitarian and inclusive world. Her voice becomes a channel of expression for those who are often marginalised, and she devotes her energy to raising awareness and taking action for positive change.

Milka Kongi’s story is one of determination and a desire to make a significant impact. Whether behind the decks or at the forefront of activism, she continues to fuse her passion for art with her desire for social change. Throughout her story, Milka embodies the power of individuality, the strength of creativity and the vital importance of standing up for what you believe in.

Now based in Brussels, Kongi continues to spread her vision and message throughout Dahomey. Her journey reflects an authentic life, one that embraces varied experiences and always aims to leave a positive legacy in the world.