Anna Borodikhina
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Anna Borodikhina

Anna Borodikhina, aka Anna Khina, is a spoken word performance artist, rapper and theatre maker. She has previously won prizes at Kunstbende with her lyrics, came first at the national music competition Violencia and recently won the Bijou prize for best theatre piece. She is also a student and is currently in her Master’s Degree in Sexology.

Anna has more than eight years of stage experience. She has performed with her poetry, theatre and music in the Arenberg, De Singel, HetPaleis, Bronx, Beursschouwburg, Zinnema, Theater Rotterdam, Podium Mozaïek Amsterdam etc. She played theatre with Tutti Fratelli and Vers Geweld and went on tour with the Poëziebus. In 2018 she was invited as an inspirational speaker at VRT NXT.

Anna also teaches creative writing and slam poetry workshops at VRT, Stad Antwerpen, Moving Ground and Creatief Schrijven, among others. You can find her poems in ‘The discovery of poetry’, ‘The slam book’ and ‘With bright paint and desire’ of the Poetry Centre.
In 2022, her first EP will be released and her solo performance ‘Niemandsland’ will be performed at Arenberg, Rataplan and the Red Line Star Museum.