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Anna Borodikhina raps, sings, plays and talks about how she moves in a world in which she does not feel at home.
NIEMANDSLAND is a personal story about farewell and acceptance, about refugees and migration, gender, identity and invisibility. It drags you along and takes you back and forth between the past and the present to land, while dancing, on Anna’s inner melody.
Anna’s Tatar Muslim mother was born in East Berlin, the daughter of an army officer. Her father grew up in the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan, also Anna’s native country. Her parents fled with her to Belgium as a 3-year-old for political reasons.

NIEMANDSLAND won the Antwerp Bijou prize amidst the pandemic and lockdown.

Niemandsland is a personal and true story of Anna Borodikhina, but at the same time it touches upon so many worlds and truths that people of a different origin encounter on a daily basis. Niemandsland is recognisable, authentic and brings a message of hope and recognition.