Zones of Resplendence
Dudu Quintanilha


Zones of Resplendence

Zones of Resplendence is an investigation by Carolina Mendonça that explores the figure of the female warrior to imagine and rehearse what could be the preparation to a war fought with different weapons. A sci-fi speculation that engage with different body practices as a way to prepare an imaginary army. The word ‘resplendence’ vibrates its double sense of extreme light and explosion.

Carolina Mendonça

Carolina Mendonça is interested in the contamination of knowledge and in being vulnerable to different logics. Carolina holds a Master in Choreography and Performance from Giessen University in Germany and Graduated in Performing Arts at ECA-USP. Carolina works as a dramaturg in collaboration with Marcelo Evelin, Marcela Santander, Dudu Quintanilha and Carolina Bianchi among others.

Lara Ferrari – tummma

Lara's practice focuses on performance and writing as activators that generate states of empathy, vulnerability and fragility in the body. Working from the commitment to think from affections and sensitive practices as a politics that enables dissimilar perceptive modes and builds other ways of relating to each other and to the environment.