Zoeken en spelen
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Zoeken en spelen

You may know Annelies Van Hullebusch from performances such as Dorp or IN KAART. Over the last few years she developed theatre pieces enchanted by daily reality. With all kinds of common objects, she evoked foreign worlds for her audience to enter. At the moment, Annelies is researching what happens when she uses text as a starting point.

Together with Wanda Eyckerman she wrote a story. About a house in a croocked street. About a neighborhood which seems calm at first sight, but where a glance at the back lots and outbuildings reveals a brooding universe. About a woman who has snapped. A pigeon and a pigeon-fancier. In wpZimmer Annelies explores with Kaspar Schellingerhout how music and sound can bring this story to life. However, a camera, a beamer and projection also become part of the playground which is taking shape around the story.

Annelies Van Hullebusch

Annelies Van Hullebusch graduated as a performer at the Maastricht Theater Academy in 2009. She is a storyteller and visual theater maker. She made Dorp, Stad, Het is een wonder dat we nog leven, and In Kaart. Her performances are characterized by a great love of detail and imagination. On the basis of objects, maps, models, but also interviews, radio plays and sketchbooks, she always looks for the best form that her visual world needs. She takes time for that. Her work is her life. Her life and the world (that surrounds her), her work.