Thomas Lenden



Unbound Is a performative research that works with the transduction and perception of sound and movement, as an attempt to disrupt the regulatory order of the senses constructed under modern-coloniality. The research questions unfold around the possibilities of bringing closer the gaps in our his/torical memory, and how temporalities and border spaces break and reconfigure when tracing migratory journeys.

Featuring a somatic and embedded technofeminist approach, Paula’s  research unfolds together with the crafting of sonic devices, vocals and movement, creating noisescapes that refuse transparency, and stretching listening to the glitches of fleeing images. In this practice Paula’s aim is to mix and relocate time and space, extending vibration-touch, movement-listening, memory and anticipation, through the sonic materiality of words. An attempt to make present the persistence of struggle and the memory that transforms his/tory into a place of ‘now-time’.

Paula Montecinos Oliva

Paula Montecinos Oliva (she/her) is a chilean performer, choreographer and sound artist, working with sounding relationalities and mixed temporalities, as an attempt to reimagine a world outside linear modern-coloniality.

Megan Hoetger

Megan Hoetger is a writer, curator, historian and hard femme. She holds a PhD in Performance Studies, and, since 2019, is a programme curator with the Amsterdam-based arts organisation If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution. Moving in and out of different collaborative configurations, her research practice maps the political economies and performative contours of gathering in-, out-, and alongside “official” channels for convening in public space during and since the Cold War period. 

Flavia Pinheiro

Flavia Pinheiro is a choreographer, performer and researcher. She graduated from DAS Choreography Master program, and is currently part of DAS Third research program developing M.I.M.O.S.A that intends to dismantle hegemonies of thoughts and species in an expanded choreographic and somatic approach. Her research foregrounds networks of resilience and resistance to systems of knowledge by fabulative speculations around Science and Technologies.