True Fiction
Nada Gambier


True Fiction

In True Fiction Nada Gambier works around artistic and social enclosures and on how (institutional) borders and identities can be negotiated through practice. In the process, she investigates among others notions of interference, collective acts of being in service of something or someone and the informal time and space as a ground for constructive emptiness that yields space for that which we don’t yet know, surprises and the slightly hidden.

Since the end of 2021 Nada has been conducting her research through several formats and in different contexts such as the Monthly Collective Research Sessions with fellow artists, Night Walks open to the general public and now in Zimmer through the frame of a workshop for kids. Together with artists Mark Etchells, Micha Goldberg, Vic Grevendonck and Edurne Rubio Nada will experiment with the form of a mockumentary as a frame to reflect on notions from her research together with the children. While going in and out of fictive scenarios, the group will prepare an event that lies somewhere between a silent march, a political protest and a carnival, taking on the roles of active participants, actors and witnesses. Together they will reflect on what it means to disobey, collaboration, silence and the hidden. It is an invitation into the process of performance making, from the preparation of material and discussing content to performing

During her residency at wpZimmer, Nada will be accompanied by Mark Etchells, Micha Goldberg, Edurne Rubio and Vic Grevendonck. Mark is a long-time collaborator of Nada. Together they have made several performances and most recently published a book (The Voice of a City published by Brave New Books, NL). Mark’s field of expertise in the arts is writing and performing. He is based in Devon in the UK. Micha is a performer and inventor of an eclectic world of objects, events, performances and encounters. Between 2013 and 2020 he was in charge of Volksroom in Brussels, a space for experimental performances. He is part of the Ne Mosquito Pas crew, touring solos that revolve around failing. Edurne is a Spanish visual artist based in Brussels. Her practice shifts among different contexts and formats: performances, films and sound projects. Vic is a musician, light designer and ex-social worker. His latest creations include the light designs for ‘Garcimore est mort’ by Gael Santisteva and ‘Tie-Tool’ by Marcos Simoes and Pauline Brun.