Time emotion (working title)


Time emotion (working title)

“(…) A multiple, ramified time in which every present instant splits into two futures, so as to form an expanding, dizzying web of divergent, convergent and parallel times”

Italo Calvino on The Garden of Forking Paths by J.L. Borges

For the creation of Time Emotion (working title), three dancers and four musicians converge on stage to the service of one idea: creating the sensation of a frozen and diluted time, constantly contracting and expanding our perception of sound and movement. The passage of time derives in a spatial construction; the auditory stimuli become tactile, and constitute a journey through an organic sonorous territory.

This germinal idea of the project stems from the reflections developed during the preliminary phase by Octavi Rumbau and Albert Quesada: two artists coming from seemingly different disciplines who share more elements than they could initially have thought. One from the acoustic imaginary of the musical instruments and the electronics, the other from movement combining listening and action.

In Time Emotion dance company ACME and composer Octavi Rumbau will investigate different ways to expand and contract time, either by using repetition, memory, the reminiscence or the instant per se. If we consider chronometrical time, the piece will be a one hour long ‘journey’, but subsequently a journey of relative duration for the psychological time of each spectator. An immersion from music into a discipline that integrates in a primary and organic way the parameter of ‘time’: dance. And at the same time, an incursion of dance in the world of musical composition.

Spanish premiere: September 2017 – L’Auditori de Barcelona