Misunderstanding is a way to reveal and to create other realities: to hear and imagine something other; to interpret differently; to juxtapose perceptions; to resist to what is given or said; to build up parallel temporalities. It is the stakes of poetry, of counterpoint, of resistance, of uncertainty, of alternatives and of fictions. Marcos Simoes and Pauline Brun think of misunderstandings in this project as something to be considered, something valuable. They see it both as a visual and a choreographic tool more than a subject of work.

What if the misunderstanding is the origin, the starting point of the project? The mechanism by which we produce and create? And that defines situations and relationships to work with?

Marcos Simoes & Pauline Brun were joined in this project by a fortunate misunderstanding and they have decided to embrace it by turning it into the tool and the purpose that ties them in this collaboration.
Tie-Tool are detached pieces that can be separated form each other and become performative objects by themselves. Tie-Tool can be extended by adding new extensions to the original format. Tie-Tool can eventually also be re-organized, by changing order and recomposing these detached materials.
These extensions and detached versions are ways to rethink formats of presentation and their interpretation in relation to the different contexts.
Tie-Tool can change form, place and time.

Marcos Simoes

Marcos Simoes (PT/BE)  has been creating performances and videos since 2002 by himself or in collaboration with other artists. The body is the material of the work of Marcos Simoes , in his performances he uses different mediums: sound, video, drawing, image, objects and textile to create situations and contexts where he explores modes of relation and communication other than language to question ways of thinking and doing.

Pauline Brun

Choreographer, performer and visual artist, Pauline Brun plays with contexts and different mediums, exploring the body with self-mockery and at the edge of the absurd. Trained at the Conservatoire de Nice, the Villa Arson, the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris and ex.e.r.ce at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier, she deploys proposals between visual art and choreography. She presents her work of performances, installations and videos notably at the Centre George Pompidou, MAC VAL, Salon de Montrouge, MAMAC, La Station artist-run-space, CND.


creation and performance: Marcos Simoes & Pauline Brunlight designer: Vic GrevendonkSound designer: Charlotte ImbautExternal eyes: Adaline Anobile & Jaime Llopis Co-production: C-takt, Kunstencentrum BudaCo-production (extended version): 3bisfResidency support: wpZimmerWith the support of: Far°, Point éphémère and CND (Centre National de la danse)Administration: Hiros vzwProduction for the detached and extended versions: NoSmallMess