They Might be Giants

They Might be Giants is a series of orchestrated visions, composed with audiovisual scores and embodied sketches based on form and musicality. Animated lines, shapes and other visual complexes emerge and glide past from the body and its environment, undulating and vibrating, shooting forward and interacting with musical qualities such as harmony and dissonance, polyphony and rhythm, volume and silence. An optical poetry unfolds where the ear can see and the eye can hear, relying on acoustical laws and optical expression to create a sensory encounter between the viewer and the object of art. Measure, synchronicity and perspective are being crafted within the body and its graphic environment, manipulated and transformed, exploring the delineations between artificial andnatural, animate and inanimate, ethereal and monumental.

They Might be Giants is an attempt to encapsulate a modern form of expression that is significant for both art and popular culture.
Bits and pieces of antique statues, mickey-mouse-like creatures, pixilated and indexical figures, functional designs, icons and miniatures, hollow bodies. a constellation of archaic form, screen saver and mobile statuary. Under the guidance of music, the body and its plastic environment open fields for childlike creativity and sustained spectatorship. Experiencing the spectacular through a key hole, the project foregrounds issues of the viewer’s perception through the relationship of sensory experience and the forces of technology, in a world where our visual capacities are being over stimulated by constant media.