The Workshop
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The Workshop

From the 5th until the 22nd of September, Tuur Marinus works with his team in wpZimmer on his new creation: The Workshop. Bodies are used and tested in strange ways. They function as tools: dancers are pushed and moved as if they were machines.

Tuur Marinus

Tuur worked as a dancer for a.o. Vincent Dunoyer, They Are Here and Fabian Barba. Together with the contemporary dance collective Busy Rocks he created a.o. "Dominos and Butterflies"). In his own name he made the performances "Still Animals" and now "TH LNG GDBY" among others.


Choreography: Tuur MarinusWith and by: Mohamed Boujara, Marisa Cabal, Flup Marinus, Pol Van den Broek, Inez Verhille and Wannes LabathDramaturgy: Marnix RummensProduction: STUK