The Underground and the Portal
Procrastinación House


The Underground and the Portal

What do we find when we are looking for something? Under this question grows, The underground and the portal. A place still to be made, still in process. TERRA INCOGNITA. A place that germinates from a prophecy. From whose branches grow as intersections, a series of trajectories that enable encounters with other entities, activating the imagination and generating other understandings of relations.

This work experiments and is based on the creation of an almost fictional, almost real installa­tion-space. In where, movement, voice, sound, visitors, chance… fluctuate.

From this double reality-fiction dimension, a narrative is born, which takes us to other places that are told mainly orally and through the body. We enter a space that generates another, which in turn generates another one. A place that presents multiple geographies.

During this process, Procrastination House is also born, a secret society that brings together differ­ent people, ghosts, books etc. To make procrastination an artistic practice, a survival tool.

In this new project Elena is accompanied by the choreographer and visual artist Maïte Álvarez.

Elena Carvajal

Born in Mérida, Spain. Elena Carvajal is a dancer and choreographer based between Brussels and Spain. Her work slips somewhere between choreography and visual arts, dedicated to the dialogue within the writing of the space and the language of movement. Through research into new forms of dramaturgy and through a methodology based on experimentation, she develops a particular universe that rocks between reality and fiction, generating experiences that the spectator is free to create from his or her own relationship with the world.

Maïte Álvarez

Maïte Alvarez is a choreographer and visual artist based in Brussels. Her work explores the correspondences between dance and graphics. She considers choreography as a space for writing bodies and she sees, in image and graphics, the pure potentiality of movement. She presented her first exhibition in 2014, Paraboles Chorégraphiques, at the FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais, then in 2016 at the Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans, under the direction of Josef Nadj.


With the support of : : Spanish Embassy in Belgium, Le Delta - Province de Namur, Kunstencentrum Buda, Kortrijk - Belgium, Centre Culturel Tour à Plomb, city of Brussels, NauEstruch, factory for the creation of live arts. Sabadell. Barcelona