The Silencing of the World (working title)
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The Silencing of the World (working title)

The Silencing of the World (working title) focuses on the relationship between collective practices of attention and the silencing of nature, or, the narrations that we, as humankind, create around it and the sounds we decide to select from it. Through a performative and participatory strategy, The Silencing of the World (working title) engages the audience in a collective reflection: how can we collectively approach the sounds of a world that is dying? How can we imagine a future beyond those sounds?

The performance raises these questions, by reconnecting to the tradition of storytelling3. Traveling from city to city, the storyteller transforms raw experiences of himself and others into stories. These stories hold the middle between an individual experience and an objective fact.4 They are experiences that can be shared, feelings that can become communal. Therefore, the storyteller plays a crucial role in the transformation of a group of listeners into a community. 

David Weber-Krebs

David Weber-Krebs (BE/D) is an artist and a researcher based in Brussels. Departing from a specific context, David develops experimental processes, that question and challenge the traditional relationship between the work of art and its public, more specifically in the realm of performance and theatre. He creates situations engaging the spectator in a complex dispositive between getting absorbed or merging with an art piece and keeping his critical distance towards it. Be it by staging actors (Into The Big World), a donkey (Balthazar), a minimalist sculpture (Performance, Robert Morris revisited) or a public space (Miniature), the form is ever reduced to its simplest expression. It becomes like a projection screen, inviting the spectator into a mode of active contemplation where meaning is not given but produced by the spectator.

Simone Basani

Simone Basani (IT/BE) is an artist, performer and independent researcher. He studied Visual Arts at IUAV University in Venice (IT), Community Drama at CRT- Research Centre in Milan (IT), and Theatre Studies at KASK in Ghent (BE). His research focuses on remembrance processes, historical forgetting and representation of mourning. By developing his personal research approach to such topics, he aims to challenge the functioning of heteronormative and colonial gaze, especially the European one. His works have been presented both in museum spaces and theaters: Fortuny Museum - Venice, ŁAŹNIA CCA - Gdańsk, Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi - Venice, Villa Empain - Brussels, Vooruit - Ghent and others.


Concept and direction: David Weber-KrebsDramaturgy: Simone BasaniSound Composition: Pali MeursaultProduced by: Infinite EndingsCo-produced by: Kaaitheater & New Theatre Institute of Latvia (for ACT: Art, Climate, Transition), C-Takt, Kunstencentrum Buda, WpZimmer, Q-O2Supported by: the Flemish Authorities