The Power Plant & Village Research


The Power Plant & Village Research

Can power be a source that never gets lost going from one source to another? 

The Power Plant Do It With Others research seeks for the – super powers from within –, by investigating how earthly and cosmic bodies technologies transmute living matter into more living matter to generate power.

During this residency, The Power Plant will expand its sci-fi files by developing aspects of the bubble-ponics system, which aims at collectivizing the ecstatic within a trans-material off-the-grid village. Rendering atomic and molecular entanglements between bodies visible by awakening hallucinogenic neurotransmitters and offering trans-dimensional travels to shapeshift and charge.

During the residency Isabel will be working with scenographer and designer Marzia Dalfini, dancer, choreograoher and craniosacral therapist Agnes Schneidewind and Nora Allegaert master student in Autonomous Design Kask.

Isabel Burr Raty

Isabel Burr Raty is a performance and installation artist, teacher, sporadic curator and sexual Kung Fu coach, with an activist background as a filmmaker working with the Rapa Nui and the Mapuche people in Chile. In all the branches of her work she is interested in the interstices between the organic and the synthetic, between the unlicensed knowledge of minority groups and the official facts.