The Lover


The Lover

From 9 until 15 February, our Studio will be hosting Icelandic choreographer Bára Sigfúsdóttir. She will be working on her newest performance The Lover.

The Lover is a poetic performance about the complex coexistence of human with his surrounding nature. A lonely creature wanders around in a devoured and abandoned land. A survivor instinct and curiosity for the transformed environment drives its vulnerable body. The Lover is a reflection on our western civilisation, where an ostensible self-governing and artificial economy defines our living standards and in which the gap between human and nature increases. The moving body of Bára Sigfúsdóttir interacts with the photography and installation of Noémie Goudal. The unique choreographic language of Sigfúsdóttir meets the work of Goudal mixing illusion, scenography and photography thus obtaining surreal and poetic landscapes.

Sigfúsdóttir’s affinity towards nature goes back to her youth in Iceland where she was in contact with a basic living standard. Therefore she is very concerned by the export of natural sources and the relatively unknown consequences of commercial exploitation benefiting short-term economical purposes. The Lover portrays a character, thrown back at an instinctive mode, in surroundings where nature is completely consumed by mankind.

20/03/2015, TAKT festival (Neerpelt) – avant-premiere
27 & 28/03/2015, Beursschouwburg (Brussels) – premiere 

11/04/2015, CC De Spil & CC Kortrijk (Roeselare)
25 & 26/11/2015, Vooruit (Ghent)
4/02/2016, de Warande (Turnhout)

In its essence, the work of Sigfúsdóttir is very personal. Her Icelandic cultural background and own life experiences are inspiration sources for her creations. Within these personal elements she selects those she can export to a universal context and to which anyone can relate to. The young choreographer is interested in human beings, their existence, behaviour and actions and wishes to refer to them in her choreography. At the same time she researches how the same movement can have multiple intentions and new associations by adding small changes in repetition.