The History of Korean Western Theatre (working title)
© Choy Jongoh


The History of Korean Western Theatre (working title)

The History of Korean Western Theatre is the last piece of the Hamartia Trilogy. This trilogy thematically focuses on how the inescapable past tragically affects our lives today. Jaha Koo has been proceeding with this trajectory since 2014.

Military style, Imperialism, Post-colonialism, Patriarchy, Hierarchy, Materialism, Capitalism, Totalitarianism, High tech, Male-dominated society, Feudalism, Cultural imperialism, Americanization, Dictatorship,…
These are the main keywords of Confucianism Modernity and South Korea. Jaha wants to create a fissure in the strong Confucianism Modernity. He believes that it’s also quite relevant for the international society.

The new work will focus on three subject matters: the identity of Korean theatre, the irrationality of Korean new religion and the educational system of Korea. At the same time Jaha will further develop his artistic practice by creating a new performance language: an intellectual audio-visual performance.