The hero’s journey of Anastácia


The hero’s journey of Anastácia

With “The Hero’s Journey of Anastácia”, Carolina Maciel de França works on a performing arts production at the intersection of text, dance and music. This work starts with the Brazilian mythical figure that is Escrava Anastacia.

As a narrative, the makers follow literary scholar Joseph Campbell’s theory ‘The hero’s journey’ which presents 17 steps that all myths have in common. Adding another layer, Carolina also works with the tetralemma theory, which originates from a 3000 years old Indian theory of looking at the heroine from another complex perspective. In the creation period, they let this complexity come back in the text, but also in atmosphere/music and choreography.

Carolina Maciel de França

1986 BR, BE, NL
Carolina Maciel de França (she/her) is a writer, artist and advisor. She graduated as a literary translator and worked as an intercultural activist before adding art as a form. Currently, Carolina is a guest lecturer at KASK Drama as well as creator, writer & performer of theatre performance The Hero’s Journey of Anastácia.