The eye in the light in the eye
© Gaetan Rusquet


The eye in the light in the eye

Inspired by the work of Constantin Brancusi, seven Romanian and Belgian artists bring a series of live performances and installations at BOZAR, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during EUROPALIA ROMANIA. Their modern interpretations serve as dialogues between the movement encapsulated in Brancusi’s sculptures and that of their bodies and demonstrate the timeless relevance of contemporary art.

Gaetan Rusquet, one of the participating artist, will bring ‘The eye in the light in the eye (working title)’. This project is an attempt to resonate with Brancusi’s work, more precisely his selfportraits and sculptures’s clichés. In those ones, he sees a desire to represent an absolute, to arrive at the very essence of a form or an idea. And more concretely, a will to play with light and shadow, a desire to dissimulate or highlight qualities for one point of view, the one of the camera.

By observing the approach of photography today, especially the selfportrait, he would like to play with the desire of control in the composition of an image. Together with the artist Philip Janssens, he wants to play with the intention to build an image for one point of view, and the impossibility to control the multiplicity of them that occurs in a performance situation.

Gaëtan Rusquet

After studying Applied Arts in Paris at L’ENSAAMA, Gaëtan Rusquet obtained a Masters degree in stage design and performance at l’ENSAV La Cambre. He works as an artist and performer in the field of performance, dance, theater and visual arts. Recently, he performed in Celestial Sorrow of Meg Stuart and created the costumes and scenography for Boundary Games of Léa Drouet.