The Dionysian Portal: a TheaterFestival


The Dionysian Portal: a TheaterFestival

“The age of socratic man is past: crown yourselves with ivy, grasp the thyrsus and do not be amazed if tigers and panthers lie down fawning at your feet.” (Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy). 

After a symposion drenched in wine with a playful discourse about love and friendship, and after the Bacchanal ritual in the forest, poked by mycelium wisdom, diffracting human\nature relations, we are ready to explore a third format to open the Dionysian Portal: a TheaterFestival – Intoxication and Katharsis by Drama only…

What kind of potentials are encoded in the technology of ancient Greek drama?

How can an ecology of ancestral storytelling re-wild contemporary myths of gender at the “end of the world”?

In this immersive exploration, we are becoming devotees of Dionysus. We are falling in love with an inspiring energy, cloaked in mystery and a syncratic cosmology. We are praying every day. Our artistic gesture for these times emerges from this ‘insider’s perspective’, or ‘critical proximity’ if you will, re-connecting us to the roots of who we think we are as western performing artists.