The Common People

The Common People is a composition of first encounters, a social experiment, workshop, installation and performance in one. The stage is reclaimed as a space for encounter between human and human in the most literal sense.

The Common People wants to disconnect people from the screens surrounding us, to create physical encounters in a thorough and human way. Together with film director Lukas Dhont and an artistic team, Martens will work with 48 inhabitants of the city where the performance will take place. In two weeks time the participants are prepared for the performance days on which they will have an encounter with somebody they will meet for the very first time, resulting in an ongoing duet marathon on stage. The Common People becomes the portrait of a city, of its inhabitants, and of the human kind, searching for intimacy and encounter. A performance that celebrates the narration of daily life, built on a deep interest in the human species.

Showing wpZimmer – 23 April (Dance Day 2016) – work in progress