The Act of Dying


The Act of Dying

In The Act of Dying three performers are on a quest for the ultimate freedom that is characteristic for animation figures: to rise again after dying a violent death. Both violence and death are problematic concepts in theatre, because they are simply impossible to stage. De Polen are investigating the language of the exploding actor, and the moment in which hilarity and horror coincide.

Try-out: Friday 17 Feb – 14:00 – wpZimmer
Première: 30/03/2017 – Vooruit (Ghent)

de polen

de polen is a collective started in 2016 by Kobe Chielens, Geert Belpaeme, Liselotte De Keyzer and Bosse Provoost. The four of them had already worked together on the in situ performance Herberg, and Bosse and Kobe had won three prizes at ITS Festival (Amsterdam) and Theater aan Zee (Ostend) in 2016 with their solo for Kobe, Moore Bacon!


Concept & direction: Bosse ProvoostCast: Kobe Chielens, Geert Belpaeme & Lieselotte De KeyzerDramaturgy: Mats Van HerrewegheScenography: Sibran SampersProduction: de polenCo-production: Vooruit, Toneelhuis, Buda & wpZimmerSupported by: Muziektheater LOD & De Werf