Some Hands Sometimes Vases


Some Hands Sometimes Vases

The negative, empty, or useful space of vessels provides the ability to contain and carry forward everything material and immaterial, from corporeal things to intentions. During their stay at wpZimmer Marko Gutić Mižimakov and Nika Pećarina aim to manufacture a collaborative physical object, inspired by their mutual understanding of the queer imaginary that derives from the liberatory capacity in learning how to practice enjoyment.

As both a performative and visual interest of their research, they will look into how the histories of porcelain production in Western Europe have promised to deliver beauty, utility and abundance.

Familiarizing themselves with different aspects of the porcelain craft such as processing of kaolin, feldspar and quartz, and the variety of motives and decorative imagery applied to this material.

Marko and Nika will explore the sensibility of joint work and how, hand in hand, they can pay attention to the common in performing labor. They are keen to study some of the aspects of craft production and the organization of labor in which multiple subjects work together on many singular objects. These principles are of interest to them as friends and long-term collaborators concerned with questions of queer materiality and the politics of intimacy.

They will be looking for ways to open this process up while also questioning the relation of the material and immaterial aspects of collaboration as well as friendship. They’re are interested in exploring a mode of communal intimacy by experimenting with structures of manual labor, the movement inherent in hand craft, the sensibility of plasticity and the spatial relation to objects. Being and doing together in this way, they move towards devising a more concrete performative format.

Marko Gutić Mižimakov

Marko Gutić Mižimakov is a visual, performance and text based artist living between Brussels and Zagreb. He is interested in shaping sensory materials through intimate, collaborative and social processes. In his work bodies, as well as digital and palpable objects, are animated, choreographed and sung into non-orientable forms via different media and processes of translation.

Nika Pećarina

Nika Pećarina lives in Zagreb where he works with audiovisual and performing arts, ceramics, poetry, and amateur gastronomy. He takes notice of sex, thingness, and the transformation of matter, ie. the relation of work and the physical, followed by the distinctiveness and effects of media, measure, form, and the visible, delicacy, smoothness, and smallness.