Slogan for Modern Times

‘Is this really happening? What is it? How do we describe what is happening when we don’t know what it is? How do we experience a space that is constantly dismantling itself, now?’

Stressing the moment before the moment of terror, the now anticipating the following now, two performers insist on the very moment before name-ing and identifying. How long can we stay present with this unidentified something, before it is named? Inspired by outcasts and strange bodily connections, the performance is a determinate expression of in-betweens. Bodies, beings, things and codes of communication emerge and create a suitable universe for the undefined viscera. At length Slogan for Modern Times questions the terrifying spaces in between the horrific and the appealing, the pleasurable perversion that is in all of us.

Try-out: 3 May 2015 – OpenHouse in wpZimmer
Première: 28 & 29 May 2015 – Monty