In a world that strives for perfection, Wannes Deneer creates a sound and image composition rooted in imperfection. He reflects on the concept of decay by constructing fragile, imperfect sound installations, using outdated techniques. They are made from scrap and have no economic utility. But behind their imperfection lies a recognizable humanity. Ruis! is visual art, music and theatre. A puppetry of abstract shapes and sounds with a live cellist in a scenographic concert with swaying fans, disturbed video images and moving speakers.

Première: 24 & 25 September 2015 – deSingel (Antwerp)

Tuning People

In 2005, three curious makers have found each other in a cellar. They experimented with raw materials of different media such as dance, sound and theatre. The result: a sound installation followed by the birth of the collectif. Tuning People is created by Wannes Deneer (set design/sound engineer), Jef van Gestel (theatre maker/actor) and Karoline Verlinden (dancer/choreographer). With their absurd and playful ideas they creat their startling performances, suitable for all ages and adaptable to all kind of places.


Musical performance: Wannes Deneer & Tuning PeopleDesign, sound: Wannes DeneerAssistant director: Jef Van GestelDramaturgy: Bart CapelleTechnique: Olmo ClaesVideo: Jochem Baelus , Wannes DeneerCello: Seraphine StragierLight: Sander SaldenResidencies: wpZimmer, De Pianofabriek, WalpurgisCo-production: deSingel, De Werf