Reverse Anthropology
Reverse Anthropology


Reverse Anthropology

During their online residency, Giulia Deval and Andrea Marazzi will explore a few different questions:

How do you create a natural cultural language closer to husmusities than to humanities?
How do you use dubbing as a practice of fictiocriticism?
How do you go back from the creators of knowledge to the non-human elements that made up their thought?

Their work is in fact a process of fake dubbing 5 interviews, moving with the idea of creating a fictional language that mixes texts and natural-digital sound. The research path deals with Perspectivism and transhumanism and focuses on anthropologist Roy Wagner’s idea of “Reverse Anthropology”.
The process is articulated in 5 chapters / interviews: from the anthropological discourse (Eduardo Viveiros De Castro and Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing. ), to science fiction (Ursula Le Guin) to the musician and ornithologist Olivier Messiaen to the songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. Giulia Deval and Andrea Marazzi’s work is an on-going theoretical-practical digression that uses sound as a medium to question the discourse on the present. 
The next steps in the work include finalising the dubbing and continuing to collect them, and figuring out how to prepare a path for the visitor in the form of a multimedia installation. 

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