Retina Maneuver
Annabelle Chih


Retina Maneuver

The multimedia solo lecture performance, Retina Maneuver, intricately explores the evolving perspectives of Taiwanese millennials on conscription and military violence over the past decade. Against the backdrop of the People’s Republic of China’s territorial claim over the Taiwanese island, potentially leading to armed conflict, this exploration is enriched by a queer lens, shedding light on the nuanced experiences and anxieties of LGBTQ+ individuals within the broader geopolitical landscape. 
On stage, the artist Ping-Hsiang Wang delves into his digital archive to unravel his inexplicable obsession with the iconic pop song Girl On Fire. As he probes deeper, the song serves as a portal to memories of his time in the Taiwanese army a decade ago. Faced with the looming threat of war, he ponders whether these fragile memories will be annihilated by the fire of war? 

Ping-Hsiang Wang

Ping-Hsiang Wang is a theatre director from Taiwan. His work has focused on how human behavior is being disciplined and modified through the evolution of materiality, the internet, systems, machinery, the environment, and commerce.


Created and Performed by: Ping-Hsiang Wang (Taiwan)Dramaturgy by: Wan Shi (China) Artistic Advice by: Kang-Hua Chang (Indonesia/Taiwan)Stage and Costume Design by: Yi-Ju Chou (Taiwan)Lighting Design by: Raquel Rosildete (Brazil)Production Management by: Michael Rade (Germany) Supported by: National Culture and Arts Foundation Taiwan