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After a period of reflection and research into the methods that shape her practice, Evelien Cammaert wrote an artistic manual in which she noted her fascinations and artistic desires in addition to those methods. Shortly, this manual departs from a so-called “zero point”, a distinct desire to enter every new work as if it were a black hole, without knowing what is in and at the end of the tunnel.

She will test her manual by developing a new project. With a camera as her regular conversation partner, she wants to take a closer look at the concepts she writes about: vibrating silence, darkness, mystery, the viewing experience, slowness, latent fascinations and the relationship between landscape, photography and the body.

During her first phase of this process, Evelien is working in wpZimmer. She writes and reflects on collected images, text and performative material in order to develop new strategies for the next phases of the creative process.